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Pom pom’s craft for Easter

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March has finally arrived and the Easter holidays are closer. So today we want to share with you a post about pom pom’s craft to do with your kids during this holidays.

In our Pinterest you will find all kinds of craft done with pom poms like Easter eggs, rabbits, chicks, birds, and even sheep! Besides garlands and other decorations perfect for these days.


With a pair of pom poms with the same size, you can make chicks of all colors. Then you will add the eyes, a beak and if you want, a couple wings made with felt.



In this case, you need two pom poms, a medium to do the body and an other tiny to do head of your bunny. Then you can add the ears made with felt, as long as you want. And finally you can put the eyes and the snout where you can add a mustache.


We hope that you have a good time and enjoy it.

You will show us your beautiful craft made with pom poms!



Learn shapes with YouTube Sami Apps

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In our YouTube channel we have a new video to learn the first words in English. This week we focus on the different types of shapes. Flashcards Sami Apps are a great tool to learn the basic vocabulary in different languages.

Our apps are particularly relevant to international families which more than one language at home. Our minimalist, close and simple design makes it easier to learn for kids.


Learn shapes in English with Sami Apps


Sami Apps presents four new apps

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Sami Apps has released four new applications getting bigger our family of apps. All of them are aimed at parents with preschoolers who seek to continue working or reinforce at home the first concepts learned in school. And at the same time improve the education of your child.

You can download our new apps!


samiapps-baby-coordinationBaby coordination

An app designed for babies 6 to 18 months. With it, the little ones can work the first movements with his fingers and coordination. They also learn to identify the sounds of different animals and transport, which will be played over the screens as it changes its character and level.

Available for iOS devices in the App Store and Android in Google Play.

samiapps-memory-colorsMemory Colors

A perfect app for working visual memory of children through pictures of food, animals and transport assisting in the development of the smallest. It also helps improve attention, concentration and increase retention and analysis of any information.

This app has different levels at which children are shown a model to observe. Then it offered the same picture but with blank areas for them to color on the model they have observed. When you have already filled in all the blanks, they appear the two images together to compare them (the app itself tells you whether it’s right or not). It also has a section free drawing designs just coloring.

Available for iOS devices in the App Store and Android in Google Play.

samiapps-kids-first-linesKids First Lines

Draw lines is the first step in the process of learning to write. Practical guidance, the work of the hands and twist of the wrist to draw lines in different directions will ensure the future success by writing letters. With this app the little ones can practice on different directions and silhouettes that arise and enjoy all levels.

Available for iOS devices in the App Store and Android in Google Play.

samiapps-kids-first-quantitiesKids First Quantities

Perfect for learning numbers. Children do not learn the numbers say when or identified, but they are able to establish a relationship with the object. For example, when they know the number 5 corresponds to the amount of five objects.

Therefore, with this app children begin to understand and learn the real numbers and to relate each spelling the series with the number of objects belonging.

Available for iOS devices in the App Store and Android in Google Play.

Baby Coordination opens his third level

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The Baby Coordination users who have mastered the first two levels, can now move to the third level of difficulty. The Sami Apps’ applying is designed for babies 6 to 18 months.

The babies will refine their motor skills and coordination of their fingers and hands. At the same time, they improve their senses to identify visually and by ear the different animals and types of transport which appear in the application.

Baby Coordination is the first contact for your children with the mobile and digital world!

Baby Coordination estrena el seu tercer nivell

This app is available for iOS devices on the App Store and Android in Google Play.

Sami Apps participa en una nova app per a refugiats

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Davant la massiva arribada de refugiats sirians a Europa, sobretot a Alemanya, s’estan creant noves iniciatives per respondre adequadament a la seva acollida. Una d’elles, és la nova aplicació que l’editorial alemanya Herder ha publicat amb la col·laboració de Sami APPS “Deutsch für Flüchtlinge”.


Gràcies a les Flashcards, els refugiats usuaris de l’app podran aprendre el vocabulari més important per desenvolupar-se en el dia a dia. El nostre sistema de Flashcards combina la il·lustració amb les paraules a aprendre en alemany, àrab o persa. A més, de l’anglès i francès.

Sami Apps participa en una nova app per a refugiats

En aquesta primera versió, trobem les 150 paraules més destacades dins de les àrees temàtiques de colors, nombres, menjar, animals, formes, transport, i parts del cos. Properament, s’afegiran 120 paraules més per a noves categories com: refugi d’emergència, roba, i policia / autoritat per facilitar la inserció dels refugiats en el seu nou lloc de residència.

Sami Apps participa en una nova app per a refugiats

Aquesta aplicació, juntament amb “Informationen für Flüchtlinge”, constitueix una àmplia guia amb tota la informació necessària per als nouvinguts. Una introducció al país que els acull, a on es poden trobar dades bàsiques sobre Alemanya, assumptes legals, consideracions ètiques, vocabulari bàsic, etc.


Més informació:



Sami Apps gets the quality seal Kid Safe

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Sami Apps and adds a further seal educational quality, Kid Safe Seal, besides Moms with apps and Educational App Store.

Sami Apps now part of the prestigious list of certified products by Kid Safe Seal, since it meets all security both standard brand quality educational program.

Kid Safe Seal is an independent program that reviews and certifies the safety of children when browsing websites and new technologies, including game-oriented websites, educational services, virtual worlds, social networks, mobile applications, mobile devices such as tablets, and other online services and similar interactive.



Sami Apps obté el segell de qualitat Kid Safe Seal

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Sami Apps ja suma un nou segell de qualitat educativa, Kid Safe Seal, a més de Moms with apps i Educational App Store.

Sami Apps ja forma part de la prestigiosa llista de productes certificats per Kid Safe Seal, ja que compleix amb tots els estàndards de seguretat que marca aquest programa de qualitat educativa.


Kid Safe Seal és un programa independent que revisa i certifica la seguretat dels nens en la seva navegació pels llocs web i les noves tecnologies, incloent pàgines webs orientades al joc, serveis educatius, móns virtuals, xarxes socials, aplicacions mòbils, dispositius mòbils com tablets, i altres serveis en línia i interactius similars.



Sami Apps with back to school!

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During the month of September, Sami Apps and Safe Kids Video Player recommendations have appeared in different applications to complement children for school.


Para Bebés made an interesting reflection on the new digital generation, highlighting; “With the advancement of technology our children are fully digital. From babies imitate our behavior attracted to technology and want to take our phones and tablets to manage.” Therefore, he dedicated an article to the top 10 children’s applications, mobile apps for your kids learn while having fun. Among them stood Sami Apps and entire set of applications that form.



In addition, the portal web Education 3.0 includes us in his selection of children for use in my pre-primary Educació. Safe Kids Video Player appears on their list of best apps for kindergarten, where children can watch videos from YouTube with all the security of the world.

Sami Apps amb la tornada a l’escola!

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Durant el mes de setembre, Sami Apps i Safe Kids Video Player han aparegut en diferents recomanacions d’aplicacions infantils com a complement de l’escola.

Para Bebés va fer una interessant reflexió sobre la nova generació digital, destacant; “amb l’avanç de la tecnologia els nostres fills són completament digitals. Des de nadons imiten el nostre comportament, els atrau la tecnologia i volen agafar els nostres mòbils i tablets per fer-los anar”. Per això, va dedicar un reportatge a les 10 millors aplicacions infantils, Apps mòbils perquè els teus fills aprenguin divertint-se. Entre elles, destacava Sami Apps i tot el conjunt d’aplicacions que la formen.


D’altra banda, el portal Educació 3.0 ens inclou en la seva selecció d’apps infantils per utilitzar durant l’etapa d’Educació Infantil. Kids Safe Video Player apareix en el seu llistat de Les millors apps per a Educació Infantil, en la qual els nens poden veure vídeos de YouTube amb tota la seguretat del món.