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New reviews about Sami Apps

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In the month of February Sami Apps has appeared in various media, including on a TV talk-show. With our new Smart Baby Sensory Stimulation app we have had very good feedback. And we know that in the coming months it will grow, in differents countries we are already in the top 5 of the category Parenting.

Meanwhile we read the reviews that have been published in the press.


The magazine Faristol mentioned the app of Ratoncito Pérez of Sami Apps, as always there are things to improve but we know that they liked our proposal of complementary activities.


It’s always a pleasure to appear on blog de Cultura Digital del ICEC. This time they have mentioned Sami Apps in their compilation of 2016 news from companies dedicated to video games and interactive.

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The prestigious web Education 3.0, about new technologies applied to the world of education, has published an interesting selection of the best apps to use in the classroom in the Infant Education stage this February. One of our most successful apps, Sami Apps Kids Safe Video Player, is among those selected.

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And finally, we also talk about the fantastic report that the group of BarcelonaKids have dedicated us in their interesting blog. A very good summary of how Sami Apps was born, how it has grown and the innovations we have this year.




New reviews about Smart Baby Sensory Stimulation

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In January we have had mentions around the world in various media and webs specialized in mobile applications for children. Among the most reviewed apps we find the Smart Baby Sensory Stimulation, our last app that from its beginnings has had great success between the critic and our users, who already accumulates more than 1.000 daily downloads.

Here we leave you the most interesting.








Sami Apps gets the quality seal Kid Safe

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Sami Apps and adds a further seal educational quality, Kid Safe Seal, besides Moms with apps and Educational App Store.

Sami Apps now part of the prestigious list of certified products by Kid Safe Seal, since it meets all security both standard brand quality educational program.

Kid Safe Seal is an independent program that reviews and certifies the safety of children when browsing websites and new technologies, including game-oriented websites, educational services, virtual worlds, social networks, mobile applications, mobile devices such as tablets, and other online services and similar interactive.



Sami Apps with back to school!

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During the month of September, Sami Apps and Safe Kids Video Player recommendations have appeared in different applications to complement children for school.


Para Bebés made an interesting reflection on the new digital generation, highlighting; “With the advancement of technology our children are fully digital. From babies imitate our behavior attracted to technology and want to take our phones and tablets to manage.” Therefore, he dedicated an article to the top 10 children’s applications, mobile apps for your kids learn while having fun. Among them stood Sami Apps and entire set of applications that form.



In addition, the portal web Education 3.0 includes us in his selection of children for use in my pre-primary Educació. Safe Kids Video Player appears on their list of best apps for kindergarten, where children can watch videos from YouTube with all the security of the world.

And El Chupete goes to… Sami Apps

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Almost a month we received the award of El Chupete to the best children’s app and there are much media and websites have echoed the news does. The truth is that we are very happy because Sami Apps gradually grows with new apps and new projects, have not yet reached the year and we have several awards, very good feedback from our audience and many reviews and positive reviews!

Here you have the most interesting.






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New reviews about Sami Apps and Kids Safe Video Player

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Sami Apps continues to grow in volume of downloads, we have reached almost 50,000! Whenever we are bigger, we perfect our apps with new versions we constantly thinking of new ideas to meet the needs of our users.

As a reward for our work we love getting new reviews, criticisms and opinions on Sami Apps- Kids Education Concepts.

Here we leave you with the latest reviews.

About Sami Apps

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About Safe Kids Video Player




Sami Apps wins El Chupete

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Sami Apps won first prize for Best Children’s App in the prestigious international contest in the field of communication with and advertising directed at children.

Yesterday, the team of Sami Apps was in the 11th Annual El Chupete, the First International Festival of Child Communication, in which every year it honors the responsible work and the creative capacity of agencies, advertisers and communication professionals that are directed toward the child and juvenile public. Sami Apps was one of the winners with the prize for Best Children’s App, within the Interactive category. Our first physical trophy!



Since our starts, Sami Apps has continuously grown with new applications and languages (22+), and has always defended our philosophy about education and mobile devices. Now we are present in some Smart TVs like the Samsung TV and also on child tablets like Kurio-CLAN. The family of Sami Apps has received many positive reviews from the press and specialty stores for mobile educational applications, as well as from our most loyal users; parents and children.

For us, this prize is an important recognition of our work. The prize for Best App from El Chupete is relatively new, in past years other winners have included Fun Food by Nutribén and iCuadernos bz Cuadernos Rubio, among others.


This year’s jury was headed by the graphic designer and entrepreneur David Cantolla, creator or Pocoyó, and consisted of 17 further professionals from around the world of communication and education. All of them have assessed Sami Apps, from more than 200 entries, as one of the best of the year. The awards were given out in 13 different categories, in addition to 6 special prizes, and 3 grand prizes.

Like every year, El Chupete also organized conferences and talks with leading professionals, researchers and specialists about the most recent tendencies and debates in infant communication and advertisement. This event served as a meeting point for advertisers, agencies, manufacturers, media and education professionals. For Sami Apps the experience was very positive and enriching. We’ll be there again next year!



Sami Apps on TV

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Sami Apps continues to receive positive reference and reviews. We have come out in the program Divendres on TV3, the Catalan regional channel. Specifically, in the section about successfully business directed by the young entrepreneur Pau Garcia-Mila and analyzing weekly initiatives and business ideas with successful results.

The section was devoted to the smallest, and among the chosen initiatives have spoken Sami Apps as an interesting technological proposal for all those parents who are concerned about the education of their children from the earliest ages.

Pau Garcia-Mila stressed the multilingual offer of Sami Apps, available in over 22 languages, and has also spoken of our latest app, Safe Kids Video Player, the best alternative to YouTube Kids.

You can see the video here.


Kids Safe Video Player, the best alternative to YouTube Kids

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Sami Apps continue to receive news and reviews about Safe Kids Video Player. Our video player for kids is ranked as the best alternative to YouTube Kids.

One of the latest reviwes is the Fuster Talens, creative design studio and brand management, web and communication. Noting that “SAMI Safe Kids Video Player, is a continent of videos for children with parental control and timer included a tool, according to the SAMI image, it provides a platform for learning and fun.”


Click on the logo to read the entire review.

They have also spoken to us in the blog of I professor. The note dedicated to Safe Kids Video Player highlights two of his strengths, “parents are the ones who can make the search for new videos and add them to the list the player. It also has a timer that can limit the time watching videos of their children. ”

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Click on the logo to read the entire review.