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New reviews on Sami Apps

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This May we have reached new reviews on Sami Apps remarking its wide range of applications aimed at children aged 0-6 years.

The website KIDDOSITY, a perfect tool to make it easy on a family day, dedicate one review on Sami Apps within the Multimedia and Apps-technology sections. Click on the logo to read the review.


On the other hand, Sami Apps is now available in the Softonic platform. Within the programs section, Softonic dedicate a brief review on our the best application remarking its work in the overall development of the first learning of our children. Click on the logo to read the review.



New reviews Kids Safe Video Player

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Kids Safe Video Player is positioning successful player available children’s videos. We keep coming summaries and reviews of blogs and websites specialized in educational apps for children.

Safe Kids Video Player is the children’s videos perfect for families with small children. It is presented as a good alternative to YouTube Kids already received their first reviews and complaints.

Click on the logo to read the entire reviews.

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Sami Apps, educational quality assurance

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The suite of Apps Sami received certifications of two seals of quality education. Further proof of the high quality and educational value of our applications.

On the one hand, we have become part of the recommended Moms With Apps, web page specialized with a rigorous selection of my family apps, and Educational App Store, local educational apps valued by certified teachers who evaluate various aspects of each app : performance, educational value and adaptation to the curricular alignment of the education system in the UK.


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Sami Apps reviewed on new pages

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Sami was recently chosen Apps app of the week on La Eduteca, a blog that specializes in the education world. Among the strengths speak of supply multilingual + 20 languages and proposals offered to parents to transfer what they have learned beyond mobile devices.


Click here to read the review.

Also spoke positively of Sami Apps Logitheque website. In which we congratulate for constant updates we make our applications, while highlighting the security Sami Apps for kids.


Click here to read the news.


Sami Kids Safe Video Player

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Sami Apps team will present a new application: Sami Safe Kids Video Player, the new player with children’s videos on internet parental control included. Available for Android and iOS.

video player


Parents are the only ones who can do the search for new videos and add them to the list the player. It also has a timer so they can limit the time watching videos of their children.



This application is available in 4 different languages (Catalan, Castilian, English and German). The videos are grouped into five categories (learns, series, dance, laugh and preferred). So the little kids can freely choose the type of content they want to see in a simple and easy way.


Sami Apps in Petit Style

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Sami Apps Apps are a new review, this March we appear in the magazine world of children, Petit Style. We are one of the highlights in your space selection of educational apps apps. Among the most relevant aspects, Petit Style highlights both strengths Sami Apps: Multilanguage + 20 languages and additional information for parents and guardians to work what they learn outside the mobile device.

Here you have the full review.



Sami Apps in App Gefahren

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Sami Apps appears reviewed in the German website Gefahren App. One of the highlights in the review is the pedagogical approach that is based Sami Apps: learning through play. On mobile devices children can also find educational games.



Sami Apps in Educational App Store

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This week Sami appears in Educational Apps App Store. This website devoted exclusively to educational apps highlights its high quality sound and graphic design also emphasizes its intuitive and easy to use navigation. Like many other websites and blogs, Educational App Store also remakes the important educational contribution behind each Sami apps so that parents can work something learned outside the mobile device.
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Sami Apps in Tus Nanny Tips blog

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Last week we had a full and interesting account of the Sami Apps blog Tus Nanny Tips. Apps Sami Omar Gonzalez was proven by potato on fire. The truth is that we are very happy because it is one of the best reviews we have had, as assessed both the strengths and the weakest, and that is always appreciated.

Here you have the link.


Sami Apps in Elefantes y Ratones blog

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Again we have moms and dads recommending Sami Apps, as a very good choice of educational app for family play.

This time talk about us in the Venezuelan Blog Elefantes y ratones. An interesting guide for women and men who are new to the difficult but beautiful experience of parenting. You can also find resources and activities to bring fun to the children of the house.