Say Night Night to your kids with these lovely animated bedtime stories: “Message in a bottle”. Bedtime stories are part of your daily routine to bring your kids to bed, add a new fairy tale / kids stories with in 6 languages. Record your own voice and three small infant games like ABC games, kids paint and kids puzzle. A welcome alternative to Sago Mini. And if you want to learn more languages with our kids, get our Sami Apps tinycards app.

Message in a bottle is a lovely bedtime story about different cultures. See the bottle floating about the oceans, see different continents, oceans, cultures, languages, behaviors. An app for intercultural understanding with additional activities.

Find out browsing the pages of this night night story, looking at its pictures, enjoying its animations and hear native speakers in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Catalan, German). Your kids will love to add this app to their bedtime stories.

But it doesn´t end here! Besides the fairy tale, the app has interactive activities to keep playing and learning.

What will you find in our app?

–    An entertaining reading for children enriched with sounds and activities (Bedtime stories)

–    Children can color each of the characters in this funny Fairy tale (kids paint)

–    Complete the puzzles of this children’s story (kids puzzle)

–    Record your own bedtime stories with your voice. Are you going on vacation to see the grandparents and want to have a version recorded with their voices? Don´t miss the section where you can record the story with different voices! (fairy tales, bedtime stories)

–    Know more about the story and the characters: each tells us different curiosities (infant games)

–    Choose your own story: select two characters and invent your own fairy tale based on the illustrations of the app (bed time stories)

Parents may read this bedtime story to your kids or  enjoy together narrating the fairy tale.

This app is produced and created entirely by Sami Apps.

The bedtime story is available in several languages: Catalan, Castilian, English, German.

Do not hesitate! Download the Bedtime stories app: “Message in a bottle”

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