Welcome to the magic world of not told stories. Always when you open the app, you get parts of a story. Click in every paragraph to get the elements of your story. At the end you will find the summary of your elements. Every time when you open the app, you get different combinations and you can create different stories. There are infinite combinations that are within arm’s reach. Coach your children in every moment and at every place. Your fantasy won’t have any limits. Enjoy it to see the faces of your children. (Be a super storyteller!)
Join Sami Apps and discover our educative world. Sami Apps is a totality of different apps oriented to the development of learning of our children in their first growth stage. Specialized educators developed Sami Apps so that your child develops himself, practice his learning ability and to play and have fun at the same time. We have apps, flashcards, stories and other things.
We are waiting for you!